Saturday, November 25, 2006

Cedric Bozo

Tonite vs. the Magic. 0 pts, 0 ast, 1 reb in 17 minutes. Why does Woodson continue this farce of starting this scrub? He can't shoot, he cant run the offense, he doesn't break down the defense, he does practically nothing. He is worse than Royal Ivey. Ivey could at least hit wide open jumpers occasionally. Bozeman can't shoot, he knows it, and the opposing team knows it, so we play 4 on 5 on offense.
Someone should tell Woody to either start Lue, or start Salim until Speedy finally gets healthy. I don't care if you have to play Salim at the 2 and play JJ at point for a couple of games. It couldn't be worse than what we are doing now.

Thursday, November 02, 2006


The United Atlanta Hawks Fans of America are facing a menace. For over 2 years our beloved franchise has been led by an incompetent, ineffective, and uninspiring buffoon. Mike Woodson, the so called protege of Larry Brown, has taken an already impuissant franchise, and has taken us into new lows of ineptitude. For the last, 2 years we have been forced to live through 126 mind numbing losses (and counting) to just 39 measly wins. Many, especially the media, have scapegoated our GM Billy Knight for current impotence; but to his credit, BK has made some saavy moves to rebuild the damage done by former GM Pete Babcock.

First BK cleared us of bad contracts. He brought us in a budding superstar in Joe Johnson. He drafted Josh Smith, our most exciting player. He brought in a young center, Zaza Pachulia, for almost nothing. He had the guts to draft the best prospect in the 2005 draft Marvin Williams when conventional wisdom said go for the point guard. He then got a point in Speedy Claxton.

Mike Woodson's only job would be to stewart the rebuilding process. Take these good young pieces and help develop them into special players. BK's only miscalculation was believing that Woodson was the man for the job.

Woody's Failures

1. Defense: For someone who is supposed to be a protege of a defensive guru, he sure knows nothing about developing defenses. In 2 years the Hawks have been unable to defend the pick and roll. It is as if they have never seen the pick and roll.

They also still fail to rotate on defense. To beat us all an offense has to do is swing the ball around and there will be an open man every time.

We are almost always at the bottom of the league in points in the paint. How is this possible when you have the #4 shotblocker in the league in Josh Smith? It is because we don't put our players in the correct positions to make plays. Avery Johnson and the Dallas Mavericks showed last year that when you have a good scheme you can make the weakest teams defensively into decent teams.

2. Offense: The Hawks offense breaks down like this: Run Joe Johnson through screens in an effort to get him free for a shot. If he doesn't get free, then pass it to Josh Smith or Tyronne Lue so that they can heave a last second perimeter shot. That's about it. We run no other plays. Other times we hand it to our 6'11 260 center at the top of the key so that he can make plays off of the dribble instead of the post where he is supposed to be. No pick and rolls, no two man games, no plays in the post for Josh Smith, Childress (who played PF in college) Marvin, or anyone else. It is like watching a bad game of streetball. In fact we need to hire AO, the head coach of the And 1 squad, because he runs better offensive sets than Woody does.

3. Inspiration: The key to leading a young team is to exude passion which then translates to your players. Mike Woodson's laid back demeanor is not what this team needs. He just sits on the bench with that dumbfounded look on his face-like a punch drink fighter. Who blames him, after not being able to find answers for 126 losses anyone would be punch drunk.

Real Hawks fans are passionate about their team. You can see it in bars, and blogs everywhere, from to to Realgm to the kid with the Josh Smith jersey on at Run N' Shoot. Real Hawks fans demand change now! We demand a coach who is competent, experienced and has a fire in his belly. Mr. Knight, while you still have your job cut ties with Woodson now! Do it before we are 0-5, 1-10. or 2-16 again. Do give us another year of empty arenas and equally empty hearts. Do it now before it is too late!